It’s March Madness!!

by Mathew Frederick



It is finally the time of year in which all sports fans, young and old, can come together and truly be able to enjoy the grandest of all tournaments in its purist form. NCAA men’s basketball understands the importance of providing a legitimate champion to the general public, and not one selected by a panel of voters, or otherwise known as the BCS. Sure, a similar selection board decides who is invited to the big dance and who isn’t, but if you can’t find yourself among the top 68 teams in any given year, you don’t deserve to be the champion anyway.

The selection board has traditionally been in favor of inviting schools with larger, more historic programs to the tournament, but they have decided to change their tune as of late. Gonzaga finds themselves holding a #1 seed for the first time in school history, while the defending champion Kentucky Wildcats failed to receive an invite. The board also favored plugging smaller market schools into the bubble slots as opposed to larger schools that may have had a slightly better season.

March Madness is not only exciting for the teams participating in the tournament, but is also highly anticipated by all who are eager to fill out their brackets. Some people fill out brackets for office pools or for cash prizes, while others just enjoy sitting in front of the television and follow along as their brackets crumble before their eyes. Others prefer to just bet on a few teams they are confident will progress to the next round. Bovada provides a safe and fun way to place all your bets on march madness or online sports bets for every game during the NCAA mens’ basketball tournament. Don’t miss out on the action.

Tomorrow afternoon, the first ball will tip and March Madness will officially begin. Millions of fans will pay close attention to their favorite teams, in hopes they will make their way through the tournament. Will #1 seeds Indiana, Kansas, Louisville, or Gonzaga be able to take the trophy back to their campus, or will a Davidson or VCU be able to conjure up some magic that they have experienced in the past? We will be paying close attention to all of the winners and losers, will you?

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